Fine Custom Homes in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country Since 1977


  1. Extraordinary Care and Craftsmanship

    Hoby and Ike were taught by the legendary Hill Country home builder Murry Lestourgeon, an old world craftsman and a stickler for quality and attention to detail. They worked for him for years and carry on his tradition of extraordinary craftsmanship.

  2. The Craddocks are the guys who actually build your home.

    They’re the guys who cut the lumber and hammer the nails. They’re the guys who are on the job, every day. That way, they know the work is done right.

  3. The Craddocks are masters of trim and cabinetry.

    They can make whatever built-in features you want, as well as desks, tables and other furniture.

  4. No blueprints? No problem.

    Most of the homes Ike and Hoby have built were constructed without architectural blueprints. They’ve been building homes for a long time, and really enjoy planning the home with the people who will live in it. They listen. Once a floor plan and general design are decided upon, the rest falls into place. They make only the drawings needed to build the house. This saves time and money.

    By the way, only one of the homes in the video had blueprints. And it’s probably not the one you’d think.

  5. The Craddocks are careful with your money.

    Homes are expensive and quality costs money. Maybe it’s their upbringing, but Hoby and Ike do not like wasting money.